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06 de dezembro de 2019
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importacao de auto pecas

importacao de auto pecasComex Parts - Comércio, Importação e Exportação

Brazil on the International Market

Comex Parts is a brazilian enterprise which is exclusively focused on the Foreign Trade area, with professionals being on the market for over 15 years.

Our team cosists of technically specialized professionals who gather and analize data from abroad, searching for the best strategy for the placement of your product on the international market.

We are able to plan and support your enterprise in the logistic, marketing, sales, import and export areas. We now export products such as shower heads, taps, electric heaters, car parts, pressure pans, school materials, tools, piping materials, electric and hydraulic materials, safety and protection equipment, welding and painting equipment, steel cables, abrasives, belts, hoses, motorcycle parts, cutlery, sets, fawcets and face and body care products.

Globalization - Acting to Generate Competitivity

globalizacionAt the same times that the world economy globalization determines the necessity to expand acting borders to garantee the survival in the market, it also presents excellent oppotunities for the trading of quality products and atractive offers.
For this reason, your competitors are highy interested in exporting; and following the ininterrupt changes in these competitor's strategies is a fundamental aspect to be noticed in this context.
Our structure aiming the profitabiility of your business makes us the ideal partners to shorten the distance between your product and the international market, differencing it from your competitors', while the professionals in your enterprise can concentrate on the main activity of your business, generating earnings and enhancing your competitivity. Get to know our services and enhance your market.
Click here and contact us. We will be glad to offer you a personalized advisory service.


importacionComex Parts is well knowm enterprise in the Foreign Trade area, being in the international market for over 15 years, offering a safe and efficient services.
We work with several countries like United States, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Germany, Austria, Indian and China among other countries in Latin America, Africa and Europe. With a office in São Paulo, we count on experienced and highly qualified professionals, and a complete infrastructure to serve our clients.
We have an efficient and dynamic operational logistic, which aims optimization delivery periods, costs and mainly market competitivity.
Our enterprise is always restructuring through the implement of technology and continuos qualification of our professionals.
We offer the opportunity of outsourcing. We evaluate the best option for export by comparing freight, insurance, type of export, we take care of all the process from the emission of all embarcation documents - B/L, invonce, origin certificate, export memorandum; we pack your goods in the proper export wrapping if necessary.

Advantages of working with us:

  • Cost reduction
  • Fast and efficient specialized work
  • Search for the lowest operational cost
  • Market research
  • High quality standard
  • Complete follow up of the process
  • Safety in handling the goods
  • Up dated information in all areas and all countries
  • Solid experience in the area
  • Relationship and quality program

Advantages of Exporting:

  • Increase in competitivity
  • Exemption and suspention of taxes
  • Internationalization of trade mark
  • Reduction of iddling production capacity
  • Reduction of internal marked dependence
  • Profit increase Production increase
exportacao de auto pecas
importacao e exportacao
  COMEX PARTS - Comércio, Importação e Exportação Ltda.
Ipiranga, 448 - Jd. Aeroporto
ZIP CODE: 04633-000 / São Paulo / Brasil
Phone: +(55) 11 5034-0485 / 99168-1380
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